The IGET Moon K5000 disposable vape is a sleek and compact vaping device that promises a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. With its disposable design and long-lasting battery, it aims to provide an easy-to-use solution for vapers on the go.


IGET Moon K5000 vape is a disposable vape that provides 5000 puffs considering the vaping style and longevity of individual’s puff. The sleek design vape is the go-to choice of vape enthusiasts. From holding in hand to taking puffs in the mouth this user-friendly IGET Moon K5000 vape gives an amazing vaping experience. If you are a seasoned vaper or just a beginner, this vape must be your go-to choice.


The vape IGET Moon K5000 can be your partner for a long journey without worrying about dying of battery as this vape has a 1750 mAh battery. The size of this vape is 49.525.399.4mm and the most amazing thing is being light weight only 81.5g. The design is a work of art and the colors used have black dots giving somewhat a realistic touch. The font used for brand names and flavors is different for identification.


The IGET Moon K5000 vape has 13 different flavors. The vape lovers have diverse options if they get bored with one flavor they can choose another flavor to give a tingling effect to their taste buds. The flavors also come in multiple colors. The colors have some similarities with the flavors as the banana flavor is yellow in color, Double Apple ice in green, etc. Next, we will list and review the top 5 popular IGET Moon K5000 flavors

1. Blueberry Raspberry Ice

The Blueberry Raspberry Ice flavor of the IGET Moon K5000 disposable vape offers a refreshing blend of sweet blueberries and tart raspberries, with a cool and icy finish. It delivers a burst of fruity goodness with a hint of menthol, creating a satisfying and invigorating vaping experience.

2. Grape Ice

The Grape Ice flavor of the IGET Moon K5000 disposable vape provides a bold and juicy grape taste, complemented by a cooling menthol sensation. It combines the sweetness of ripe grapes with a refreshing icy twist, creating a delightful and flavorful vaping experience.

3. Peach Apple Ice

Combines the succulent sweetness of peaches with the crispness of apples, all enhanced by a cooling menthol effect. It offers a harmonious blend of fruity flavors with a refreshing icy kick, making it a delicious and enjoyable choice for vapers.

4. Watermelon Ice

Features the natural and refreshing taste of ripe watermelon, along with a cooling menthol touch. It delivers a juicy and cool vaping experience, with the sweetness of watermelon balanced by the invigorating chill of menthol.

5. Double Apple Ice

The Double Apple Ice flavor of the IGET Moon K5000 offers a combination of two classic apple varieties – sweet red apples and crisp green apples – with a menthol twist. It provides a refreshing and fruity vaping experience, with the icy menthol complementing the natural apple flavors.

The Buzz Every Vape Lover Crave

The IGET Moon K5000 has a 5% (50mg/ml) nicotine level to give a strong buzz to beginners and a moderate buzz to heavy vapers. The buzz is for sure craved by every vape lover.

Refill Option for IGET Moon K5000

The IGET Moon K5000 does not come with a refill option, once the 5000 puffs are used it can be simply disposed of.

How IGET Moon K5000 Can Be Used

The IGET Moon K5000 can be used simply by taking the puff and the auto draw mechanism will allow you to take puffs without pushing any button. This vape is activated by just taking a puff, no hassle is required to keep the button pressed to activate.


My experience with the IGET Moon K5000 has been quite positive. The device is incredibly easy to use, and the draw is smooth and consistent. The flavor options are diverse and offer a pleasant vaping experience. The compact size makes it convenient to carry around, and the battery life is impressive for a disposable vape.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and portable design
  • Draw-activated operation
  • Wide range of flavors available
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Limited flavor customization
  • Disposable nature may not be environmentally friendly


Overall, I would recommend the IGET Moon K5000 to vapers who value convenience and portability. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a hassle-free vaping experience on the go. However, for those concerned about environmental impact, the disposable nature of the device may be a drawback.

Where to Buy IGET Moon K5000 in Australia

After finalizing the flavor options, you can simply buy the IGET Moon K5000 online from the IGet Bar shop in Australia. IGet Bar is the only credible source where you can buy authentic vape products.


Crafted with time taken effort the IGET Moon K5000 is for sure the best vape in town. The aesthetic design, great size and colors speak of their credibility. This doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned vaper or just a beginner, you must have this vape now to enjoy the best experience of your life.