When choosing the best vape manufacturers in Australia, the authenticity and popularity of Waka Smash can’t be overlooked. These pre-filled, pre-charged (yet rechargeable), and draw-activated vapes are perfect with their 6000 puffs and considerable e-liquid and battery capacity at an appropriate price.

Another factor that sets it apart from the other companies is the variety of waka flavours available. You can choose from 19+ flavours according to your preference and craving to treat your tastebuds for the next few days.

This article will talk about the mind-blowing Waka Smash flavours that have attracted a vast network of vape enthusiasts for all the good reasons.

1. Aloe Grape

This vape flavour is a unique and pleasant combination of grapes’ natural sweetness and aloe vera’s calming effects. The moisturizing and relaxing properties of aloe vera provide a gentle note of serenity to the bright grape flavour. Every exhale leaves a tremendous feeling akin to the soft touch of aloe, while every inhale gives a rush of luscious grape fragrance. For any vaper looking for a fantastic getaway, the Aloe Grape vape is an appealing choice since it’s tasty and allows you to unwind and rest.

2. Apple Surge

Apple Surge is a delicious combination that embodies the flavour of just-picked apples with each sip. This vape flavour creates a pleasing harmony of tart and sweet notes by fusing the sharpness of green apples with the sweetness of red types. It tastes as good as biting into a perfectly ripe apple on a sunny summer day, with a burst of apple flavour. Apple Surge offers a delightful vaping experience that is refreshing and delicious, making it a must-try for apple aficionados, whether they prefer Granny Smith or Fuji apples.

3. Banana Coconut Waka Smash

This mouthwatering vape flavour will transport you to the dreamy tropical paradise of the Caribbean. Vaping Waka Smash takes you to sun-drenched coasts and swaying palms with its exotic sweetness of coconut mixed with the rich creaminess of ripe bananas.

Bananas’ smooth texture and potassium-rich richness give this mix a velvety smoothness. On the other hand, coconut’s creamy, decadent flavour gives it a tropical touch. Every breath brings you a wave of tropical joy, similar to what it would be like to sip a cool coconut-banana smoothie outside in the warm sun. For any vaper looking for paradise, Banana Coconut Waka Smash is a must-try because of its flawlessly balanced blend of fruitiness and creaminess.

4. Blackberry Surge

If you choose Blackberry Surge, a gust of flavour that embodies the essence of peak wild blackberry season is about to take you by surprise. With a delicate sweetness and acidic blackberry flavour, this vape combination perfectly captures the feeling of rummaging through a sun-dappled woodland grove. Your puffs will feel like you’re picking luscious blackberries right off the vine, with each puff releasing its delicious essence. Take in the delicious aftertaste as you release the smoke, leaving you wanting more of this enthralling vapor journey. With each mouthwatering sip, Blackberry Surge invites you to discover the wildest recesses of nature’s abundance. It’s more than simply a flavour.

5. Cherry Dark Sparkle

Get ready to be mesmerized by this vape blend’s seductive appeal. Cherry Dark Shimmer offers a taste sensation unmatched by others, combining rich, dark cherry with a dash of enigmatic shimmer. However, its palate is more complex than it seems at first. With this flavour, you discover the delicate hints of surprise as you release the breath, lending a degree of intrigue to the well-known cherry pleasure. Every inhale is an expedition into the palate’s depths, where mystery and sweetness converge, leaving you yearning for more Cherry Dark Sparkle magic.

6. Cherry Lime Flavour

Savor the delicious combination of tart lime and sweet cherries as you go on a voyage of Cherry Lime flavour experiences. Imagine the smooth richness of ripe cherries caressing your tongue with every puff, followed by the tangy burst of freshly squeezed lime. A harmony of taste that entices the senses and leaves you wanting more is created by the blending of these opposing tastes. Cherry Lime provides a distinctive and stimulating alternative that will leave you feeling refreshed and delighted, whether you’re searching for a taste boost or want to improve your vaping experience.

7. Lychee Orange

It is a tempting combination that combines the zesty tang of orange with the exotic sweetness of lychee. Ripe lychee has a flowery and fruity undertone that offers a rich, tropical flavour that is revealed every time you inhale it. The orange’s zesty exhale reveals an incredible acidity that counterbalances the sweetness. This flavour combination provides a distinctive and refreshing vaping experience. That being said, it is ideal for anyone looking for a tropical flavour with a twist. Lychee Orange provides a delightfully refreshing experience for your taste buds, regardless of your preference for exotic fruits or your desire to try new flavour combinations.

8. Pomegranate Pop

This unique flavour is a kaleidoscope of flavour that refresh your taste sensations. Consider the full, subtle flavour of ripe pomegranate seeds, chock-full with acidity and luscious sweetness. That’s what you experience with each puff – an incredible burst of fizz with every draw, giving the flavour profile a fun and surprising twist. Every inhalation and exhale creates an explosion of taste that is both gratifying and invigorating, akin to sipping a sparkling pomegranate cocktail on a hot summer day. Pomegranate Pop offers a thrilling and distinctive vaping experience that will leave you wanting more.

9. Pear Sparkle

Delight in ripe pears’ crisp, juicy sweetness with a sparkling twist. Pear Sparkle is a light and energizing vape flavor that mixes the delicious flavor of fresh pears with a dash of enthusiasm. The real taste of juicy pears fills your mouth with every inhalation, and a little fizz dances over your tongue with every exhale. This unusual blend of tastes offers a revitalizing vaping experience ideal for anyone who wants to make their day.


In Australia’s vibrant vaping scene, Waka Smash stands out for its authenticity, variety, and affordability. With flavours like Aloe Grape’s serene blend and Cherry Dark Sparkle’s mysterious allure, each puff offers a unique journey. From tropical delights to playful twists, Waka Smash caters to every palate, enticing vapers with over 19 flavourful options. Whether it’s the refreshing burst of Cherry Lime or the exotic fusion of Lychee Orange, Waka Smash elevates the vaping experience. In a market saturated with choices, Waka Smash emerges as a top contender, offering a flavourful escape that keeps enthusiasts returning for more.